Historical Areas & Markers

Take a road trip and see all 32 Historical Markers in the Sussex Skylands

The placement of historic plaques in Sussex County began in the year 2000. Each is interesting and unique, giving visitors with a love of history a sense of the region's evolution. A few, like the ones listed below, are extra intriguing!

  • Cat Swamp Hijacking and Murder which involved the hijacking of a truck transporting silk from the Sussex Print Works. factory was hijacked. An innocent passerby happened upon the scene, was mistaken for a state trooper, and murdered. The gang escaped with $11,000 of bolt silk.
  • Kilpatrick's Reenactment: Over forty thousand veterans of the American Civil War and guards were treated to four days of festivities in August 1878. On the final day of the encampment, a re-enacted battle involving four thousand men, took place. The roar of cannons was heard over twenty miles away.
  • Home of Hudson Maxim: Called by Thomas Edison “the most versatile man in America,” Hudson Maxim was an inventor, scientist, author and explosives expert.

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