About Sussex County

Sussex County is an oasis of natural beauty located at the northern tip of New Jersey.

Here, less than an hour drive from the bustling streets of New York City, you will find tree lined country roads, meandering trails (including 40 miles of the famous Appalachian Trail), and acres of farmland welcoming you to share in their abundant seasonal “pick your own” harvests or to enjoy wandering through a maze of sunflowers or corn stalks that stretch as far as the eye can see. 

Every season seems to propose to visitors asking them to “choose me.”

Winter white woos skiers and snowboarders, and anyone that wants to find a cozy fireplace to snuggle near. Summer heat lures water park daredevils and little ones toddling at the edge of state park beaches where dips in the cool lake water refresh just enough to allow for a walk across the sand to the ice cream stand. The colors of fall welcome all to the pumpkin fields and orchards, to the trails where the sun shining through the canopy of leaves acts like a kaleidoscope.

There’s a lot to do in Sussex County during the in-between-times too.

You know those times - the rainy days, the restless hours when winter is waning but spring hasn’t yet arrived, the moments when you just urgently want to do something. That’s the time to head here and snag a table at the tap house with lots of local craft beer on tap or a stool at the quirky diner. You could visit one of the two local mining museums (or both, they’re only a few miles from each other) or put on your skates and hit the indoor ice skating rink. Every season is a good reason to visit Sussex County, NJ.