Wesselhof Farm Market

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Bringing you quality meats & produce from our farm to your table! Our Farm ~ We are a family owned and operated organic farm & marketplace located off of Sunset Inn Road in Lafayette, New Jersey. Since 2008 we are proud to provide our community with fresh produce each year. Our customers are like family to us and we only provide them with the best through our produce and meats. Our Produce ~ We are so proud to share that we NEVER spray our plants with hazardous chemicals, but instead implement organic gardening methods and practices. No harm to people or our pollinators, just the way nature intended! Our Meats ~ Spaciousness, cleanliness and health are key factors when raising our livestock. We are currently raising Hereford cattle and broiler chickens. We make sure our animals live with enough space to stretch their legs and enough food to fill their bellies. Our livestock is all organic grass-fed & pasture raised and ALWAYS treated with respect.
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