Sparta, New Jersey Renaissance Festival

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September 7-8 & 14-15, 2019
Saturday 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM
Sundays 10AM until 6:00PM

Location: Camp Sacajawea, 844 White Lake Road, Sparta NJ
Join us for our third year!

"Best New Faire of 2017!
-Renaissance Festival Magazine

Come be entertained by the realms greatest magicians, musicians, acrobats and performers! Eat some fun foods, take up a mug of ale, and toast to the festivities! Shop at over fifty unique vendors and watch demonstrations of life in the olde days! Archery, axe throwing, boating, jousting, sword fighting and more! 

"The Hidden Castle"

Five generations ago there was an enchanted castle deep in the forests of Sparta. This castle was created by the fairies as a gift for the King and Queen of Sussex. Three generations ago when the tides of war began to rise vines and foliage began to grow uncontrollably over the castle, and within a decade it disappeared, reclaimed by the magic of the forest. 


In recent years and under the new rule of King James and Queen Misha the kingdom had been brought to peace and end of all major wars where negotiated peacefully. The fairies of the woods have begun to show themselves more often, and new life has been breathed into the forgotten arts of magic. Shortly after last years festival, nature has begun to relent and has unveiled a small part of the enchanted castle. 


One of the Kings Knights and two of the Queen Ladies in waiting have learned to become quiet adept at magic in recent years, and the King has commissioned them to start a new Mages Guild in order to recruit new members and discover how to fully recover the hidden castle…


Meanwhile…. The neighboring kingdom of Graymoor prepares to attend this years festival in the kingdom of Sussex. Relations between Graymoor and Sussex have been tenuous at best and while King James of Sussex may seek peace, the knights of Grymoor may have other plans… 

Year Three!
2019, Year 3 - James C. Kimball, Owner

 "Our second year was a great success, and we were thrilled to run for two weekends! The first weekend we experienced our first rainy weather event and we were grateful to learn how to deal with that in a positive light. We had turkey legs, walk around liquor and a few other improvements upon the previous year. One of our greatest additions was "The Rogues Guild" which was an interactive experience for patrons to take part in. It received rave reviews and helped to lend a level of involvement that patrons seemed to desire. 


Year Three is upon us and we are excited to announce several new projects in the works. One is a second guild, this one with a magical theme! Another is the start of a new castle experience, which will take several years at minimum to complete and so this years encounter will be "Chapter 1 - The Hidden Castle" which is also the title of this years faire. We will also be running an escape room as part of the improved Rogues Guild experience! In addition to much of last years entertainment and vendors will be many new acts and shops to explore! Come join us for our third year; we would love to have you as part of our family!"

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