Sound Bath Meditation

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Please join us for our weekly series of Sound Bath Meditations. Starting Wednesday May 15th and continuing through December 18th.

Weekly Sound Bath Meditations
Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:00 PM

These sound bath meditations are being offered in intimate group settings. The instruments used during these sessions will alternate weekly from Lisa's pure sounding Crystal bowls and authentic Tibetan singing bowls to her 30" Paiste Symphonic Gong.

These instruments bring their own personal resonance and Lisa plays them therapeutically to work in combination with your own vibration to achieve the best experience for you. Each sound bath meditation features one set of instruments. You may decide to attend different meditations to see what your personal favorite is or choose depending on what you feel would serve you best at any given time.

Singing bowls have a time honored history for producing sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assist one entering into meditation. The sound bathes the mind into stillness, stopping the internal "dialogue". This can be a wonderful tool for those who find it hard to meditate on their own or looking to just de-stress. They are a beautiful way to let go and allow yourself to journey freely without fear.

The Gong is known as a transformational instrument and an ancient form of Sound Therapy. Lisa has mastered a very gentle technique that brings this powerfully grounding instrument to a place that is calm and therapeutic.

As the Gong is played it creates peaceful tones that take you deep into your consciousness, cleansing and clearing your mind into complete stillness. There is no particular melody for the brain to follow. This disengages the mind and allows for one to connect to the deepest part of themselves.

During these Sound Bath Meditations, you will most likely enter a deep meditative or dreamlike state. Bringing you relaxation for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Time is suspended as you enter the world of vibration, where the thinking mind rests and great relaxation can occur.

Pre-registration is required. Please contact us directly either by email: or by call/text: 862-266-0467.
You may also PM us here on Facebook.

Cost is $20

For these group sound bath meditations you will be lying on the floor. To ensure the greatest comfort and experience please bring a thick yoga mat, water and small pillow and blanket. We do have extra blankets if you find you need one to put under your knees to help support your back. If you would like to attend and cannot lie on the floor, please let us know and we can discuss other alternatives.

Intention is everything so try setting your own personal intent of what you would like get out of the sound meditation beforehand. We find it's a great way to start and obtain the greatest benefits.

Lisa will play softly at first, slowly building the sound and vibrations for approx. 45- 50 minutes, she will then slowly reduce the tempo coming to a tranquil finish. Please know that the end of a sound meditation is just as equally important. You will need to be gentle with yourself and we ask you to stay in silence until everyone is awake and stretching.

It is important for you to stay well hydrated following a sound bath meditation.You may experience a happy "buzzing" feeling and you may notice some emotions coming to the surface, always be gentle with yourself as you journey through.

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