Small Scale Sculpture with Wearable Elements with Caryn L. Hetherston

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Where does your jewelry live when it’s not being worn? This class combines making artistic jewelry with small scale sculpture and blurs the lines between the two. Imagine how customers will react when they can wear one of your creations and also display it! We will discuss how to design a piece of jewelry that will be incorporated into a small scale sculpture. This will bring out the engineer in you. You will learn how to hide findings and make a stand that integrates the jewelry seamlessly. Intermediate to Advanced

Tuition: $615 (lunch is included)
Studio/Materials Fee: $35
Registration Fee: $30*
 (listed as "shipping" in cart) *Members use coupon code WAIVEFEE at check-out


Caryn L. Hetherston has been a fine art jeweler for 40 years and a metals instructor for over 10 years. She received her education at Moore College of Art, Peters Valley School of Crafts and the University of the Arts. Her focus has been on functional one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry and small scale sculpture with wearable elements. Caryn likes to challenge the notion of what makes something precious by combining precious metals and stones with elements such as rusty washers, beach glass and other found objects to make beautiful statement jewelry. As part of a group called “The Trashy Women” She has unleashed her love of found objects to create intimate purely sculptural works. This has challenged her to learn new ways to create cold connections. Caryn’s desire and mission is to make wearable art that is both durable and timeless in construction and design.

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