Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Since 1998, The Home of Happiness has been presenting the original cult movie classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to delighted audiences across the East Coast. What makes “Rocky” so special? Like any other film, it is played on a giant screen for a crowd of fans. The difference is the cast of actors that perform with the movie, bringing the action to life, and often, right into your laps. Known as “shadowcasts,” troupes of Rocky performers have been around almost since the movie’s release in 1975.


With the encouragement of the emcees and performers, viewers, often dressed in costume, engage in audience participation by yelling witty lines, dancing, and strategic throwing of props. Imagine being surrounded by feather boas, six-inch-high heels, and a roll of toilet paper whizzing over your head, and you’ll begin to appreciate this is not just another movie!


The Home of Happiness is widely regarded as one of the best troupes in the country for its level of professionalism, sense of fun, and flexibility to adapt the show to any environment and audience. Our actors have been nationally recognized for outstanding costumes and performances, and have been invited to participate in many special Rocky events, including The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute, a celebrity-filled benefit produced by Lou Adler and Kevin Duncan and directed by Kenny Ortega.

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