Pumpkin Painting Parties

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JACCS Art Studio Ceramic Pumpkins 2019

Each pumpkin is one of a kind, and needs time for us to create, so get in soon! If you order late, we can try but cannot promise to have your pumpkin ready for the parties. We may hold another party in October, but we would rather you have your pumpkin to enjoy for the season...not after Halloween!

Order your Ceramic Pumpkin early and let the discounts FALL!

Stop in to the studio during regular hours to see the selection of ceramic pumpkins, which can be customized to your liking with expressions and personal characteristics!

All the pumpkins will be ready for the fall, and then you can just come to the Pumpkin Painting Party to paint your piece!

Prices vary! Pumpkins come small, large, in the form of a jar with a lid, solid, with a hole to put a light inside,
of course different faces are available for Jack-O-Lantern style, and personalization, there are imprints with leaves-
yes, you should be excited!

Here’s how to get your discounts:

Stop by the studio during regular hours to order your piece. Give yourself at least 10 minutes! (check jaccsart.com for hours)
You can pay with cash, local customer’s check,
or with a card (however there is a card fee)
Prices vary between pieces approx. $22-$97 (before discounts/tax)
Prices include a seat at the party with instruction, all brushes and paints/glazes, firing, and customization.

If you order your piece by June 28th, you will receive 25% off
Order your piece by July 15th to receive 20% off
Order your piece by July 30th to receive 15% off
Order your piece by August 15th to receive 10% off

For an Additional Facebook Discount:

Click GOING and Invite at least ONE friend to one of the Pumpkin Painting Party Facebook event dates
for an additional $5 off *before* you Order your pumpkin!
You could even just click Going on the Tuesday one, and then change it as we get closer to September!

The Pumpkin Painting Parties are on:
Tuesday, September 10th, please arrive by 7:00pm
Friday, September 13th arrive by 7:00pm
Saturday, September 21st arrive by 6:00pm
Thursday, September 26th arrive by 7:00pm
and Sunday, September 29th arrive by 11 am

Late RSVP and Walk-in’s for the Pumpkin Painting Party will not be able to have a customized pumpkin to paint, however may select from other available pieces.
If you plan to come, give us a heads up ASAP, and we will see what we can do for you!!!

Your seat for the class is reserved upon payment. You can change the date of the class up to two weeks prior to your registered class. If you do not attend,or change within two weeks, the reserved spot cannot be refunded.
Without a 2 week registration change, you will need to pay $8/plus tax for the class.
If you cannot make-up the class at the scheduled times, please attend a regular scheduled Adult Ceramics Class.
If that doesn’t work, you can come in as a walk-in, however we cannot guarantee to provide you with the instruction and assistance we give during the classes. Included in your payment is a spot to the class and an additional paint session if needed on your own to finish your piece.

Bottom Line- the earlier you order the pumpkin the better for all!
See you soon!

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