Forging the Falchion Sword with Sam Salvati

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Forge your own Falchion – the archetypal European single edged sword! It is a sword of a long and varied history with many versions, types and styles from the most basic to the most ornate. This class will explore the falchion, straight or curved, and its basic design and forging, grinding and hilting. Expect to learn about hot forging, filing, polishing and fitting of the blade and hilt parts, heat treating at little cost, single and multiple fuller grinding techniques, ornamentation, and many other swordsmithing tips and tricks. Intermediate

Tuition: $615 (lunch is included)
Studio/Materials Fee: $120
Registration Fee: $30*
 (listed as "shipping" in cart) *Members use coupon code WAIVEFEE at check-out


Sam Salvati is a professional blacksmith and instructor. For him, shaping steel is both therapeutic and inspiring and feeds his passion for blacksmithing and bladesmithing. Sam is engaged by almost all aspects of steel working, from welding and machining to heavy industrial forging to fine artistic forging, but bladesmithing holds a special place for him. He has always been fascinated by swords of knights and samurai, and the traditional utility blades of all different cultures. Through researching bladesmithing Sam came upon blacksmithing and found a double passion that now he is lucky enough to do professionally. He lives in Maryland with his beautiful and incredible wife Kristal.

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