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We will be holding our Comp Night this month on Sunday, June 23 at it's normal time of 6PM. Please arrive by 5:45PM at the latest for check in. Cost remains $25. You will need a pistol, an outside of the waistband holster, at least three magazines of 10 round capacity or greater, and approx 100 rounds of ammunition. No prior comp experience necessary. 

Things will be a little different this month, however. In order to keep the competition fresh, help build more skills and have more fun we will be incorporating other firearms into every stage of the match.

For this month we will be running a shotgun themed event. Every stage will have about 12 rounds of shotgun targets followed by pistol targets.

Everyone is welcome to bring their own shotgun if they have one. If you are bringing your own it must be a minimum of 20GA and have some form of stock (no pistol grip only or non-braced Shockwaves). We suggest a minimum of a 5+1 round capacity however you are welcome to participate with whatever capacity shotgun you so wish- semi auto, pump or even double barrel if you would like. We recommend you bring approximately 40-50 rounds of ammunition. Slugs only. Your division is still based on your pistol. Shotguns may have any other accessories or aiming devices you wish.

If you do not have a shotgun you may still participate! We will have a pump action shotgun available for everyone to use. If you are using our shotgun you will need to purchase ammunition from us for insurance purposes. Sorry for any inconvenience.

While we understand this is a bit different than what we normally run, we do believe that this event will provide valuable experience in running a shotgun in a dynamic environment as well as be a lot of fun! If it goes well we will be running such events more often and will incorporate rifles as well at some point in the future.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!

Call, email or message us on Facebook to sign up today. Likely this event will be limited to 15 shooters so if you wish to participate sign up soon!


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