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Get ready to engage in the idea of "seeing" letters in a fresh, new way! Designed for beginners, you'll learn a contemporary, modern scrpt hand based on traditional, pointed pen letterforms: and facilitate the expansion of your own "inner designer", including experimenting with your own letters through a playful and non-judgmental approach to a moderen style of writing. You;ll also gain a more in-depth knowledge and analysys of letter design, while developing your own personal style! First you'll learn a simple series of strokes that form this whimsical, casual alphabet, then proceed through lower ccase letters, upper case, numerals and punctuation. Then we'll move on to letter endings, connectors, ligatures and flourishes. You'll also have fun learning "letter self-analysis" through a series of periodic exercises to facilitate ease of use throughout the day. Then you'll continue exploring letter connectors, tricky ligature combinations, writing challenging words, building words into sentences, and text writing. Finally we will explore the creation of a successful and balanced layout using the elements of composition, including spacing and proportion. You will choose and execute several small projects, including an envelope, an initial, a greeting card, a full flourish alphabet, a quote, a recipe, and more! 

Tuition: $335 
Studio/Materials Fee: $0 (see link below) 
Registration Fee: $30*
 (listed as "shipping" in cart) *Members use coupon code WAIVEFEE at check-out

Please Note:The Dining Hall is closed for the season so participants are responsible for their own meals. Kitchens are available in the dorms for those staying on campus.


Kathy Milici is an internationally known calligrapher, instructor, author, speaker and mentor. Owner of Kathy Milici Creative in Newton, New Jersey, her work has been seen in books, blogs, magazines and on television. A popular instructor at international calligraphy conferences, Kathy travels the US and Canada, lecturing and teaching calligraphy and the related arts. The originator of Gratitude Scropt, a modern typeface, she also mentors fellow artists and art students in how to create a living and maintain a viable business as a working artist. After almost 40 years as a professional calligrapher and teacher, Kathy is still enjoying her lifelong passion for "everything calligraphy." She resides in Sussex County with her husband Santo, and her 3 kitties, including her studio cat, Nikko G. Nibs.

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