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In this skill building workshop the techniques of 'Slot-in-Slot' construction, 'Bent finger prongs', and 'tabs' will be demonstrated and applied in making settings for alternative materials to be integrated into jewelry. You will use these techniques to make brooches, pendants and rings. The tools: circle cutter, hydraulic press, dividers, brass slide gauge, and two styles of hammers will be demonstrated. Flex shaft and bur use will be stressed for precision stone and object setting. While Nanz will provide practice materials, participants are encouraged to bring their own alternative materials for additional experimentation and technique practice. Beginning level jewelry skills of sawing, measuring, marking, and filing are a prerequisite. It will also be helpful if you already know the four basic rivet styles. Advanced Beginner to Intermediate.

Tuition: $615 (lunch is included) 
Studio/Materials Fee: $60 
Registration Fee: $30*
 (listed as "shipping" in cart) *Members use coupon code WAIVEFEE at check-out



Nanz Aalund holds an M.F.A. in jewelry/metals from the University of Washington, Seattle, and an M.Ed. (College and Technical Teaching Curriculum) from Western Washinton University. She also holds certifications in rapid prototyping and as a graduate diamon grader. She is the busines owner of Nanz Aalund Art Jewelry in Poulsbo, Washinton, and has served as a jewelry design consultant for Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Tiffany & Co. As an educator she taught at the University of Washinton and the Art Institute of Seattle. As a writer; she served as Technical Editor of Art Jewelry Magazine, authored Masters: Gold in 2009 and A Jeweler's Guide to Apprecticeships in 2017 - for which she received the 2018 Silver Excel Award from Association Media & Publishing. Nanz is a two-time finalist in the Saul Bell Design competition and also a two-time winner of the Gemmy Award, Platinum Guild International Design Award, American Pearl Vision Award, and DeBeers Diamons Today Award. In addition, she has won the Bench Jewelers Design Passion Award, Titanium Jewelry Design Award, and the prestigious AGTA Spectrum Award.

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