Achieving Atmospheric Effects in Your Glazed Work with Michael Connelly

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Explore glazing earthenware ceramics in the electric kiln. There will be demonstrations on achieving atmospheric results, while using additive and subtractive techniques with slips/engobes, terra sigillata and low-fire glazes. Discover the possibilities of form and surface enhanced by wax and tape resist techniques. Techniques learned can be applied to mid and high temperature firing practice. While the kiln is firing, there will be discussions and demonstrations and opportunities for you to develop your own work. Bring your own unglazed bisqueware to fire too! Intermediate to Advanced

Tuition: $430 (lunch is included)
Studio/Materials Fee: $45
Registration Fee: $30*
 (listed as "shipping" in cart) *Members use coupon code WAIVEFEE at check-out


Michael Connelly is a potter in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, as well as Assistant Professor at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. In 2010, he founded the Bailey Street Arts Corridor in the Brewerytown neighborhood of Philadelphia. He received his B.F.A and M.F.A from Alfred University in Alfred, New York. Connelly has taught and presented lectures and workshops at various venues nationally and internationally, including classes at Alfred University, Haystack School for Crafts, Alberta College of Art and Design, Archie Bray Foundation and Penland School of Crafts. His utilitarian pottery is in the permanent collections of the China Yaoware Museum, the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum, Asheville Art Museum, American Museum of Ceramic Art, Huntington Museum or Ceramic Art and Long Beach Museum of Art.

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